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Use Positive Affirmations To Manage Workplace Stress: You’ve Got This!

. 7 min read . Written by Oindrilla Gupta
Use Positive Affirmations To Manage Workplace Stress: You’ve Got This!

Using positive affirmations at work or in general sometimes becomes the only way to deal with stress and anxiety. When was the last time you had to compromise on your Saturday plans because work butted its way in? I’ll start. A few weeks ago, a colleague asked me to urgently work on some forms during the weekend, and I not-so-happily obliged. Chanting daily affirmations to deal with work stress or burnout has worked out well for me in the past. Maybe you can give it a try too! 

I am someone who feels stressed at the drop of a hat ﹘  there is a constant fear of missing out on updates at , not being able to do enough (or overdo), and not being appreciated often. 

The fact that you’ve reached the second paragraph of this article makes me believe that I am not alone in feeling these feelings. We’re all climbing this corporate ladder together, mostly feeling unsettled and unwelcome. Workplace Stress and anxiety are like that pair of twins that loves doing everything together ﹘ even if that means conspiring to disrupt our peace of mind.

Some of us are getting bullied by a superior colleague; some are facing harassment; some of us are competing with ourselves to meet deadlines; some are feeling guilty for taking much-deserved breaks or are striving to be overachievers. But how far can one go with little to no motivation? 

Enter positive affirmations, a.k.a mantras

Being your own cheerleader and giving yourself a pep-talk laced with motivation, encouragement, and reassurance may seem weird at first. But if you don’t do that for you, who else will? 

Research suggests that self-affirmations at work can effectively eradicate any form of stress. So keeping some handy for times when you’re stuck will only do your mental health good. 

We’re shortlisting some workplace affirmations for relatable situations to help you sail through the wicked ways of workspace stress!

Powerful Positive Affirmations To Boost Your Work Morale

1. When You Are On A Job Hunt 

Whether you’re looking for a job for the first time or are applying after a long break, the stress is complimentary. We often end up doubting our capabilities, or our chances to bag an opportunity. But repeating the following to yourself will help: 

positive affirmations workplace
  • “I have limitless potential and I trust my journey.”
  • “I see myself doing  my dream job, and I have all the skills to deliver at it.” 
  • “If companies take time to revert, it only means that good things take time. And I deserve good things.” 
  • “I am open to new and exciting opportunities to find my ideal job.”

2. When The Interviewer Asks Stressful Questions 

I was once asked to crack a joke during an interview. Since humor doesn’t come naturally to me, I started panicking, but cracked a lame joke regardless. The point is that interviewers test your confidence more than your responses. So, garnish your mind with the following affirmations: 

  • “I am calm and confident.”
  • “I am the perfect fit for this job role.”
  • “The interviewer will not hold anything against me if I speak my mind.”
  • “I can and will crack this interview today.”

3. When It Is Your First Day At Work 

First days can either be a lot of fun, or super intimidating. Despite orientations and team introductions, you might feel directionless. If you’re me, you would want to get it all ‘right’ on the first day, and piss your managers off with overenthusiasm.

positive affirmations workplace

My advice after 3 full-time jobs and 4 internships is: Take it slow. You will eventually learn what you have to, when you have to. Remind yourself of these positive affirmations instead:

  • “I will take things slow and conquer one task at a time.”
  • “I will ask for help when I encounter problems at work.”
  • “My coworkers and I will help each other grow and succeed.” 
  • “I will work well in a team and deliver to the best of my abilities.”

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4. When You Have To Present Something 

The feeling of fear will keep hovering over you until you are done with your presentation

‘What if my boss or colleagues judge me for the way I present?’ ‘What if I fumble while speaking?‘What if the projector stops working and everyone gets annoyed and leaves the meeting?’

The cloud of ‘what ifs’ will never let you be in peace.

But these positive affirmations are here to help: 

  • “I have put in the work and it will pay off.” 
  • “I am sure of what I need to say, and I will say it confidently.”
  • Technical glitches are not in my hands, but I will figure out a backup and keep presenting.”
  • “I know my subject well, and I am good at communicating it.”

5. When A Colleague Is Being Unnecessarily Mean 

There’s no dearth of colleagues who want to cripple you, are jealous of your success, or just want to be you. They may say hurtful things to demean and demotivate you at work. But instead of allowing them to affect your mental health, ask yourself if it is really worth your time and energy, and repeat these positive affirmations for work stress to yourself:

  • “I am confident in my self-worth.”
  • “There’s a life beyond office politics, and I will try to remain unfazed.” 
  • “What they say is not going to change who I actually am.” 
  • ‘They are expressing internal dissatisfaction about something else and it might not have anything to do with me at all’ 

6. When You Take A Self-Care Break 

Learn to take self care breaks from work without feeling guilty about it. Life without breaks is like pancakes without nutella, and I wouldn’t recommend that! Short breaks from work will only enhance your productivity.

positive affirmations workplace

Know that you’re allowed to switch off when it gets too much. Inform your team, and unwind. While you’re at it, bookmarking these positive affirmations for work stress might help:

  • “I take breaks because I am worth it.”
  • “I have worked hard today, met my deadlines, and there is no harm is taking a short break before that meeting.” 
  • “Just like my work, my mind and heart need some attention as well.” 
  • “Unwinding for some time will help me perform better.”

7. When You’re Thrown Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

You can choose where to work, but you cannot choose your boss.

And sometimes our bosses put us on projects (or in situations) that are out of our comfort zone.

We may not have the requisite skill sets for the work, but are expected to do it anyway. Feeling stressed is normal, but chanting these positive work affirmations will help you calm down:

  • “I will perform to the best of my abilities.”
  • “I will acknowledge where I need help and ask for it.” 
  • “I will politely refuse a new task if I am extremely uncomfortable.”
  • “There is no harm in asking for some time to learn new things before executing them.”
  • “This task will sharpen my hard and soft skills, and enable my professional growth.”

Steps to Curate Positive Affirmations

  • List down your limitations at work and in life
  • Rephrase your negatives into positive affirmations 
  • Repeat the  positive affirmations regularly (or write them down somewhere) 
positive affirmations workplace

Benefits Of Using Positive affirmations for work stress

  • Lowers stress levels and boosts performance at work 
  • Raises levels of optimism, thus enhancing job satisfaction 
  • Changes negative emotions to positive goals 
  • Makes you feel confident in your own personality
  • Helps you accomplish your goals, and set new ones 

You may not feel good enough at your job if you don’t allow yourself to. With the help of positive affirmations, try negating the self-sabotaging thoughts. What squats are for your thighs, positive affirmations are for your mind! Spending just a few minutes to appreciate what you’re capable of can calm your nerves and help you perform better.

Link positive affirmations to your goals, and watch how it reaps results! If positive affirmations have worked for you, tell us in the comments below. And if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

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