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9 finance influencers to follow for women wondering how to save money

. 5 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
9 finance influencers to follow for women wondering how to save money

Between shopping trips and bijli bills, cab rides and vacation tides, I can see my money flying out of my purse every month. I always thought I’d save more (or save at all) if I earn more. So, when I did earn more, I watched myself spend more. To my relief, that’s the story of almost every woman I know. But when I talk to my male friends, they always boast of investments and stock trading and saving. Where am I missing out?

Well, for starters, I’ve never thought that I needed to save. My father, my brother, and my partner were making investments; I could enjoy my money and splurge on life.

But as I started becoming more aware of my need for saving, I also became aware of how little knowledge I had on the subject. This is where hours of mindless scrolling saved the day. From styling and spending to inventing and investing, Instagram influencers can become the teachers you never knew you needed.

Finance influencers not only guide you through the process of investing but also allow you to understand how you can save money on transactions and taxes. Whether you’re trying to start small or looking to leap in terms of saving, here are the best finance influencers we love.

1.       Ashna Tolkar a.k.a @themoneylancer

Ashna Tolkar is one of the most popular finance names in the social media community, and rightly so. Whether you’re looking to stay atop the crisp news of the business world or just want some ‘money cheat codes’, her quick Reels will make you feel welcome into the world of investing.

Can’t decide between IPOs and NFTs for your next investment? Ashna is your knight in shining armour.

2.       Anushka Rathod a.k.a @anushkarathod98

Worried you might be too young to start investing? Take your lessons from Anushka Rathod.

The young ex-investment banker offers a fresh take on complicated investing matters like crypto, insurance, and tax saving.

Whether it’s role playing a mother buying gold for her daughter or making a case about mutual fund investments, Anushka is taking on the finance world and making it her own, one Reel at a time.

3.       Pallavi Gandhi a.k.a @financewithpallavi

Moms are superheroes, and Pallavi Gandhi is a shining example of that. Taking control of finances at home, investing as a beginner, and tips on overcoming financial distress are some of the many colours on her canvas.

Whether it’s taking saving lessons from Baghban, or decoding the dark area of grey market premium, she is teaching women everywhere to take up their finances into their own hands.

4.       CA Anamika Rana a.k.a @financewithanamika

If you dread taking finance lessons as much as I do, CA Anamika Rana is here to change the game for college students and working professionals alike. This SRCC alumnus curates fun educational Reels to help you bag the best deals on FDs, stock market investments, and cryptocurrency.

As someone who draws largely from her own experiences, she helps you adopt simple hacks and envision viable goals for money management.

5.       Chandralekha a.k.a @fintosia

New to adulting? Not sure how to set up an insurance plan? Or just tired of scrolling through finance websites to figure out the best IPOs to apply for this season?

Chandralekha will help clarify your financial doubts. Her brisk videos on EPFs, retirement planning, and financial goal planning will keep you hooked till the very end. An established risk consultant at the Big-4, her black and white aesthetic is something to look out for.

6.   @prettymuchfinance

Wondering about the effect of inflation on FDs? Well, the former hit the latter just like Will Smith hit Chris Rock.

Understanding finance would be so much simpler if it were a part of something fun and interesting. @prettymuchfinance takes it on her shoulders to make finance simpler, more exciting, and more relatable. Whether it’s her raw videos simplifying cash flow and real estate investments, or relatable role plays about everyday office conversations, this finance influencer really knows her money.

7.       Haley Sacks a.k.a @mrsdowjones

From Kim K to Kelly K (from our favourite The Office), Haley Sacks is using every arrow in her quiver to shoot down your fears, one post at a time.

Her feed is every young working woman’s abode into the boring world of finance.

She lends an unfiltered version of finance to her audience, one that is uncomplicated and unadorned. She picks on simple issues like opening multiple savings accounts, while also delving into the more complex topics like risk management with Bitcoin.

8.       Berna a.k.a @heyberna

An author-in-progress, Berna is demystifying finance with her quirk and wits. Whether it’s having a juicy conversation about investing right or urging you to access your credit score, this influencer will put you on the track to saving money every day.

Still unsure about taking out that student loan for your dream college? @heyberna might give you the reality cheque (hehe) you need.

9.       Daniella Flores a.k.a @iliketodabble

Daniella is an active advocate of the importance of saving money and investing, especially for the LGBTQ+ community.

They present a drastic take on the importance of a side hustle in making money and securing your future.

They not only dig up their own experiences to lead by example, but also give you motivating life lessons to take you through a challenging week. Building yourself an emergency fund, establishing an income stream by alternating jobs, and making the most of your present job are some of the topics she regularly touches upon.

Investing money and establishing a solid financial ground to stand on is as important for women, as it is for men. The nagging need for women to learn how to save, invest, and grow their fortune on their own is more prominent now than ever. Money cannot buy you everything, but it can buy you freedom, security, refined quality of life, and mental harmony. So, learn on and save on, Kool Kanyas. The world is yours to take!

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