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Subscribing to PowerPass? 6 exciting careers to consider after

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Subscribing to PowerPass? 6 exciting careers to consider after

When people think about kick-starting their dream career, they often consider pursuing an expensive degree or working themselves to the bone in a tiresome internship. However, the birth of the internet has essentially changed the game. Nowadays, you no longer need to spend an absurd amount of money or time in order to secure your dream job. All it takes is the right digital course, the right skill set, and the right approach.

This is where Kool Kanya’s PowerPass comes in, a versatile subscription that can help you learn a variety of essential skills and broaden your horizons. With our 50+ live courses covering a wide range of subjects, building a career you love is now easier than ever. It’s time to plan your career goals and achieve them, #RaiseYourPower with us!

Whether you are laying the foundation for your future or restarting your career after a break, here are 6 unconventional career roles you can pursue with the power of PowerPass:

1. Digital content creator

Ever felt like you could get used to the lush life of an iconic Instagram influencer? Believe it or not, acquiring followers on the platform is no easy task. Creating a relevant brand requires a thorough understanding of its algorithm and tools. Moreover, you’ll need to create content that is catchy enough to get you in the big leagues (we’re talking 1M+ followers here), and unique enough to help you stand out from the crowd at the same time. That’s where we come in!

We can show you how to create stellar content, use a variety of versatile tools, devise a long-term plan, tap into marketing opportunities, and make your ideas go viral.

2. Professional podcaster

While this may sound like an offbeat career choice, trust us when we say that podcasts are the new ‘It thing’. While they have been around for quite some time (2005 to be precise), the arrival of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music has made them much more widespread. Whether it’s an informative movie review, opinions on trending news, or just some fun little stories; if you have something interesting to say, people will listen.

Want to put your voice out into the world and make some dough while you’re at it? Let us show you how to segment your ideas into episodes, capture the attention of your listener, fine-tune your content for fluency, and record it the right way.

3. Social media manager

Let’s face it, in today’s world, marketing is everything! From start ups to global corporations, every company essentially sees itself as a brand. If you think you can do a good job at conveying a brand’s persona to the world and help it reach new audiences, social media management is the way to go.

Want to know how to build a strong social media presence? There’s a lot more to it than eye-catchy images and quirky copy. With Kool Kanya Learning’s in-depth courses, we’ll show you around the tricks of the trade and help you create the perfect strategy for your brand. You can learn how to design your own creatives too!

4. Full-time YouTuber

Lights, camera, action! Aspiring vloggers with a penchant for video creation, this one’s for you. Youtube’s content bucket is a vast ocean, filled with information on anything and everything. Skincare, music, food, fashion, gaming, reading, tech…whatever suits your fancy, creating a youtube channel about it is a great way to turn your random hobby into a full-fledged career.

Improve your shooting and editing skills, create videos that can capture the attention of your viewers, learn how to use Youtube’s tools effectively, and you’ll be featured on Youtube Rewind in no time.

5. Freelance writer

It’s time you put your inner grammar nazi to good use. Not a fan of working in teams and socialising? Freelance content writing is the perfect job for people who prefer flexible careers and weave stories with words. It’s versatile, it’s fun, and it’s always in demand.

We believe that good content should be like water: it should be transparent, serve a purpose, and have a flow. Learn how to create thought-provoking content for blogs, articles, social media posts, and even newsletters. It’s also vital to learn how to manage your finances and find different revenue streams. Content is king, and with PowerPass, you’ll be all set to become the Queen.

6. Fashion designer

Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, Blake Lively, and Priyanka Chopra.

What do these ladies have in common? They are global icons, fashionistas, and trendsetters. Even on the big screen, characters such as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Priestly and Blair Waldorf have cemented themselves as fashion queens. Fast fashion comes and goes, but style is timeless.

From designing a sundress or a bridal gown to choosing the right cuts and cloth materials, a true fashion designer must master it all. If you think you have an eye for good design, the world can be your canvas. Fashion designers are constantly in high demand. All it takes is the right portfolio, good digital presence, and a few happy customers to vouch for you! Before you know it, you’ll go from poaching your first customer to taking a bow on stage at your very own show.!

Now that you know what’s in store, why wait anymore? #RaiseYourPower, elevate your skill-set, and get your dream career going!