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Know Your Worth: 4 Ways To Find Out What A Job Pays When Job Hunting

. 5 min read . Written by Oindrilla Gupta
Know Your Worth: 4 Ways To Find Out What A Job Pays When Job Hunting

Looking for a new job is an anxiety-inducing process. We have all gone through hours of ransacking job portals in different stages of our life. While job hunting, the exhaustion further multiplies when the salary is kept under lock and key.

A couple of months ago, my friend was scouting for a new job. While she was at it, she raised a very relatable question:

“Can I ask how much a job pays before applying?”

The frustration of going through a lucrative job listing without knowing how much the pay will be is real. However, you need not fret, as there are ways to figure out what your pay will be like while looking for the job itself. The question to be pondered over is: “How do I find out how much a job pays?”

Bookmark these easy, self-tested methods to find out what a job pays and what your salary expectation should be, in case your salary range is not designated in that posting! 

4 Ways To Know How Much A Job Pays 

1. Email The Recruiter

One of the biggest mistakes we make as job seekers is not asking direct questions to the hiring manager. Approach them confidently via email, and ask for the salary range. More often than not, recruiters are aware that potential employers enquire about compensation, and they expect this question too. 

However, most recruiters may also dodge your query. So, how do you gauge what their response is going to be like? Do this simple vibe test- 

If they respond with a salary range, it means that they’re transparent, and are looking forward to discussing things further with you. But if their response is ‘as per industry standards’, it’s time to move on. The latter reply only means that the pay is low, and your worth does not matter to the company. 

One needs to know how to carefully craft an email while asking for the salary. Here’s an example of how to ask about the salary in an email before an interview: 

job pays

2. Speak To Others In The Industry

While changing my job as an executive producer from a television channel to a digital media platform, I remember scouting for people who belong to the same industry. I also got in touch with people who had made the switch from TV to digital too.

One of the best ways of knowing how to determine the salary range of a job is to make connections with people of a similar profession.

Speak to them, or follow them on LinkedIn/social media. Eventually, strike a frank conversation with them, and ask them about the range. 

Even though they aren’t directly connected with your work, or were never a part of the company you are willing to apply to, they will help you understand how much you’re worthy of being paid. They help you form an idea about how much you can demand and how much the cut-off for your desired position is. 

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3. Resort To Online Salary Tools 

Online salary tools are one of the most accurate ways to find out what a job pays. Resources such as LinkedIn Salary, Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth, and Payscale give a personalised estimated value of the compensation. A quick Glassdoor salary check will give you a fair idea about the salary offered for a certain position in a specific industry.

Going through their websites will help you get a fair idea of what others in your field are being paid, as well as the open jobs available. 

A lot of times, former or current employees of a company also post on these sites and review a company/job role. If you read between the lines, you will notice that they have mentioned how good or toxic a company is. 

For instance, if a lot of employees have left a company within a few months of working there, it can indicate that the attrition rate (the rate at which employees leave a specific company) is high in that organisation. It could also mean that the company pays peanuts, or has a toxic work culture. 

While you are reading their reviews like a hawk already, do keep an eye for comments on appraisals too. 

4. Connect With Former Employees

The more connections you make, the more easily you get access to the salary range (and insider information) of a job role. Personally, networking with my desired company’s former employees on LinkedIn, and even apps like Instagram and Facebook helped me get an idea about a lot of companies I have worked for. 

However, make sure that you do not end up spamming the contact/former employee with questions. Chances are, they won’t entertain you. 

Here’s what you can send so that they don’t feel like you’re too desperate: 

job pays

No matter which job you’re applying to or what the role is, make sure you know your salary worth. Make a note of your qualifications, work history, and the effort you are willing to put in, to determine what you deserve. And keep these hacks handy for the next time you want to know how much a job pays and you’re able to answer: ’’What should my salary be?’’ while looking for one. Happy job hunting! 

Updated 30 September 2021

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