Picture this: You are a young woman in your early twenties and get a call from a salesperson who is advertising a product meant for reducing wrinkles. Would you buy that product or be offended by what just happened? Exactly.

This is why, it is important to know your audience as a salesperson before you begin the attempt of generating sales. When you’re selling your product, you’re trying to motivate the customer to buy it. However, the customer cannot just be a random person.

It has to be a person who is most likely going to be interested in what you’re selling.

Consider this your first lesson for “how to become a good salesperson.” When you’re building your career in sales, it is important to know that all your sales strategies revolve around your audience. As a salesperson, your marketing approach and relationship will be decided based on your audience’s needs and problems.

In fact, in today’s digital world, every avenue under a business works towards satisfying their audience’s needs. All departments, from content to social media, spend time understanding their audience and building their strategy based on what they learn.

1. Up your creative game

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However, as a salesperson, if your sales strategy doesn’t match your audience’s needs or doesn’t guide you towards the right audience, it could cause a dip in your sales. And without sales, the business will probably run itself into the ground.

Hence, you need to truly understand your audience, their likes, dislikes, and preferences, and we’re here to help you do just that!

2. Do your homework

For curating the correct sales strategy, there is nothing more important than doing your homework, i.e. conducting market research.

Research may be a boring job, but it is crucial in coming up with an approach that caters to your audience. So, settle in and start looking for all the demographic, psychographic, and geographic answers you need.

The demographic (age groups, genders) will help you understand who you should approach, the psychographics (interests) will help you understand why you need to approach them, and the geographic (regions, cities) part will help you understand where you can approach them.

Once you have this, you can figure out how you will approach your audience.

3. Collect data

Now that you’ve done your research, you know who your audience is. However, you still need to observe certain behaviour patterns of your audience so you can alter your approach accordingly.

Conducting surveys, taking interviews, sending questionnaires, and observing your target audience gives you a better understanding of the people you’re trying to sell to. Additionally, you can also use existing data to develop a clearer perspective.

When you’re selling a product to someone, there’s always certain questions that you need answers to. Such as what are the problems being faced by your audience and how your product solves them. Data collection methods provide answers to these questions efficiently.

4. Buyer personas

Creating research-based profiles that act like your target audience help you understand if your strategy would work or not. Buyer personas help you understand what your target audience likes, dislikes, is interested in, and the problems they face.

With buyer personas, you can see what your customer’s day would look like and understand their characteristics in a detailed manner.

Buyer personas explain why your audience would need your product or service and would also indicate the strongest approach to convince them to make the purchase.

5. Pay attention to feedback

The feedback and engagement you receive on your strategy play an integral part in determining how successful your approach was. It also gives you an understanding of what worked and what didn't work. So, you can accordingly optimise your approach the next time.

If you’re on social media, the likes and comments that you receive are a good indicator of your success. The reviews and feedback that you receive from your customers about your products and services are also another good indicator.

As a salesperson, your priority is always building a relationship with the customer and ensuring they have a positive experience. Feedback is one way of determining whether you have achieved this.

6. Advertise on the right platform

All types of audiences are not available on all platforms. Some people prefer Instagram over Facebook and some prefer e-mails over phone calls.

According to your audience’s behaviour, you decide which platform you will be advertising on to best reach your audience. Not considering your audience’s preferred platform is an error that may result in fewer sales.

If your audience enjoys scrolling through Instagram, they are more likely to purchase from you if your product appears on their Instagram. However, if the same product appears on Facebook, they might ignore it or never end up seeing it.

Hence, choosing the right platform for your product or service is an important step for someone with a career in sales.

Why is knowing your audience important?

Creating a strategy or approach that is in sync with your target audience helps you achieve better results, generate higher sales, and achieve greater success as a salesperson.

For a person building a career in sales, not understanding their audience would leave them blank in terms of strategy, platform, and content. Hence, knowing your audience and curating a strategy accordingly is necessary for a successful career in sales.

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