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6 good quality brand dupes to save money during your college days

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
6 good quality brand dupes to save money during your college days

Are you one of those people that are always on the lookout for the newest fashion trends? Is your Instagram feed full of models flaunting fits from the hottest new fashion designers?

If you consider yourself a college fashionista and believe that your clothes are integral to your personality then you are in the right place. Shopping on a budget is always hard and even more so when you are a college student and your allowance is tight. We feel you. And, since we can’t all be high school students on a Netflix show wearing Zara and Forever 21, let us take you through these good quality brand dupes for you to save money and look good while doing it.

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1. Amazon fashion

You might be surprised to see Amazon top our list of reliable and good quality brand dupes, but you will be even more surprised when you rummage through their website to see dupes for brands like Zara, Forever 21, H&M, and many more, at prices that will not break your bank. They also offer dupes for makeup and skincare brands, such as Rare Beauty, Bobbi Brown, and M.A.C. Amazon is also known for their seasonal and festival discounts, sales, and same day delivery.  So, if you find something you like, you can wear it to college the very next day!

2. Limeroad

Limeroad is well-known for their extensive collection of brand dupes and low prices. Just name it and Limeroad has it, including dresses, crop tops, pants, jeans, and even sportswear. They also provide a variety of promotions, such as 'buy two, get one free' and discounts on select brands. Apart from clothing, they also sell footwear, accessories, and handbags, and their website features lookbooks inspired by celebrities to help you make the right choice. Limeroad also allows users to create virtual lookbooks and earn from them.

3. Urbanic

Because of their trendy styles and low prices, Urbanic is all the rage in college fashion these days. This online store offers looks starting at Rs. 400 as well as a variety of incentives such as cash on delivery, discount coupons, and sales. They have a large selection of baggy jeans and oversized tees, which are a popular fit choice for college students. They also release new styles every week, keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. You can hunt for dupes of your favourite branded clothing throughout their extensive collection, which is listed on the official Urbanic app and Myntra.

4. Club Factory

Club Factory has a fantastic range of Indo-western clothing for the boho college fashionista in you, including kurtis and kurtas that you can pair with jeans and some catchy jhumkas. If you are both cost-conscious and trend-driven, then duping is the obvious choice, and Club Factory is the way to go for its endless options and price drops. The casual dresses, tops, and jumpsuit dupes available on the website can help elevate your college wardrobe, that too at such reasonable prices, you should definitely check them out the next time you're looking for college outfits.

5. Myntra

Myntra is a brand you can rely on to help you elevate your college fashion. Myntra, a popular site for clothing, shoes, and accessories, has some inexpensive gems in its extensive collection. This website has all the branded yet discounted dupes you need for your college wardrobe, from jeans to tank tops, tote bags, and earrings. They also offer sneakers, boots, heels and trainers with brand dupes such as Birkenstock, Uggs and Mary Janes. Roadster, DressBerry, Mast & Harbour, and other brands offer affordable and dependable fashion. Lastly, Myntra is also renowned for its year-round sales and discounted deals, so you will always be able to purchase at a good bargain!

6. ISU

ISU has a wide selection of trendy and chic clothing. You can shop for day wear, work wear, casual wear, evening wear, workout wear, and everyday essentials on their website. They also sell accessories, so if you aim to look stylish, without the hassle of spending all of your fortune on clothing, then budget-friendly dupes is the way to go. They also believe in ethical fashion and are a homegrown Indian brand that wants to fashionably sustain a clean planet. ISU offers quite a few incentives such as, delivery within 48 hours of placing your order, free shipping on prepaid orders, and a robust exchange and returns policy. Happy shopping!

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