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New to the world of stocks? Here are 7 Instagram accounts to follow

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
New to the world of stocks? Here are 7 Instagram accounts to follow

"Paisa toh yahin banega"

While the country mourns the loss of Dalal Street's Big Bull, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, we can't help but marvel at what the humble magnate has done for the country's economy.

While the ace investor has redefined the stock market; what was considered as the little club of rich investors is now a money-mine waiting to be tapped, he has also exemplified the power of investing right.

The word of the mouth on the stock market is that there is no other investor who is even close to being the next Big Bull, but there are certainly experts who know the market a little too well.

For an amateur starting their investment journey, the stock market can seem like an intimidating place. Which stocks to buy for long-term investments, how to calculate capital gains, how to deduce the dividends, and when to sell – there are as many questions as there are investment options out there.

If you’re gearing up to dabble into the stock market, here is all the expert advice you need.

Finance influencers to follow as a beginner investor

1. Funance by Rachana Ranade

If you haven’t heard of CA Rachana Ranade, you’ve probably been living under a rock. One of the most popular finance influencers, she brings together the best of entertainment and education. From incorporating cricket into stocks to taking money lessons from Ranbir Kapoor, she will keep you hooked, and make you smart.

Her recent venture, Funance, aims at teaching finance in the most fun way. If you’re a beginner investor, don’t miss out on her posts about stock market terminology.

2. Ashna Tolkar

Not sure which major IPO to invest in? Listen to Ashna Tolkar for her quick money lessons. Whether you’re looking to stay atop the crisp news of the business world or just want some ‘money cheat codes’, her quick Reels will make you feel welcome into the world of investing.

Cheap flight tickets, getting access to exclusive premium lounges, and free popcorn refills are her things too.

3. Stock Ladder

Mastered the basics of the stock market and gearing up to run the bull race? You might want to take some tips from Stock Ladder. From quick trading hacks to a breakdown of the most complex investment theories, this page will make you feel like an insider in the alien world of investing.

Whether it’s making money or saving money, Stock Ladder is the money mentor you never knew you needed.


If you’re all set to invest in the next big stock, you might want to peek a look at’s stock analyses. The page offers detailed stats and quick summaries to help you understand the past performances of popular stocks and brands.

From serious money talks about choosing the right portfolio to catching a laugh or two about crashing IPO investments, is on top of their game.

5. InvestyWise

From acquisitions and investments to market shares and returns, InvestyWise offers a bird’s eye view into the scary world of trading. The page closely explores the ups and downs of the money market with elaborate charts and infographics.

Their Year-on-Year Returns reports are a great way to analyse the market before swinging in for long-term investments in safe stocks like Nifty and ITC.

6. Anant Ladha

This learned entrepreneur dons many feathers in  his cap. With degrees from profound courses like CA, CFA, CFP, and LL.B, Anant Ladha’s finance expertise comes loaded with experience and knowledge. Whether you’re looking to dabble into some mutual funds or experiment with some fluctuating stocks, Anant Ladha has something to say about everything.

7. Trade Brains

Not sure whether the bull market is your calling or the bear market is the one for you? Make a solid decision with Trade brains’ detailed insights. The page offers market analyses, stock breakdown, impacts of inflation, and stock performances through simplified charts and graphs.

From answering simpler questions like which are the best months to invest during to more intellectually challenging ones like trading at the global market, Trade brains will arm you for everything.

If you’ve watched your money fly out of your wallet every month, financial planning is the need of the hour for you. Young millennials and Gen Z are more aware of their financial independence now than ever before. While saving up in bank accounts and creating FDs has been the go-to solution for many middle class families, the present generation is willing to take informed risks, thanks to higher fluidity in income.

If you’re a young woman grappling with the reality of adulting and money-making, we urge you to take your money matters in your own hands. At Kool Kanya, we’re all about women raising their power.

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