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A List Of The Work From Home Spaces Of Your Dreams #KoolKanyaNews

. 5 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
A List Of The Work From Home Spaces Of Your Dreams #KoolKanyaNews

Working from home during lockdown has taught us several things –  how to make the parts of you that are visible during video calls presentable while still wearing sweatpants, how to find the spot where the wi-fi connection is the strongest, and how to turn a one hour job into a five-hour one. 

As much as we’ve gotten accustomed to working from whichever corner of the house is our work space for the day, several studies have shown that having a designated work-space increases productivity. 

Having a designated workspace that is set up according to your liking, and that you enjoy sitting in can only help increase this productivity even more. 

Get ready to have the evening to yourself once you are done with your work by normal closing hours, because this list of gorgeous home offices is bound to inspire you to set up one of your own and be super productive

Work-Space Set Up Near A Window

With quarantine keeping us cooped up in our houses for weeks, we all need whatever little Vitamin-D we get. Having a view to look out at can help in providing respite and uplifting your spirits.

Working near a window provides a natural source of light and prevents eye-strain caused by bad lighting. It can help in preventing feelings of gloom when work gets rough, or claustrophobia when you begin to think about how much longer the lockdown could last.

Image Courtesy: Style Me Pretty, Pinterest

Working Together

Working alone, even with all the zoom calls with your colleagues, can be boring and lead to a loss of efficiency and productivity. If there are others at your house working from home, try to set a work-space where you can work together. 

Image Courtesy: Muriel Alvarez, Pinterest

Sitting together and working, even if your work is unrelated, can help reinstate a feeling of normalcy, make you feel like you are working in a group, establish accountability, and break monotony. 

Flowers And Plants Brighten Up Any Space

Flowers and plants keep the air clean, and bring a sense of elegance and coziness to any space. They fill the work-space with life, and can boost calmness and happiness

Image Courtesy: @plantful_homes, Instagram

Breaking Away From The Traditional

Working from home, away from the norms of the office, means you can play around with your workspace and how you choose to work. Don’t shy away from setting up unconventional work-spaces. You could choose to stand and work, or sit on the floor. Have fun with your work-space and set it up in whatever manner appeals to you. 

Image Courtesy: @the_barefoot_witch, Instagram

The Minimalist

Having a neat workspace with minimal clutter and distractions is a great way to ensure productivity. 

The automatic boost in aesthetics and the desk appearing to belong to someone who has everything in control, are just added bonuses. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Embracing The Clutter 

Minimalism isn’t for everyone, and organised chaos has its own appeal. 

Don’t fret. They say a messy desk is a sign of genius (or at least that’s what we’ll say to pacify ourselves).

Image Courtesy: @floraamalie, Instagram

Organising First, Work Second

If you’re someone who loves to organise, or can only work if everything is structured and planned perfectly, then keeping your workspace as organised as your work is essential. Storage units, a planner, and post-it notes can go a long way. 

Image Courtesy: Celine’s Study Blog, Pinterest

Surrounding Yourself With Art, Colour, And Motivation 

Hanging up posters, art and decoration that speaks to you, can help the work-space feel customized to you. When the work pressure gets too much, looking up to see a motivational quote or art that you love can cheer you up and provide some respite.  

Image Courtesy: inspirationalpin.com

Life Does Not Have To Be A Pinterest Inspiration Board

While we lust after these stunning work-spaces designed immaculately, it’s important to not feel guilty – like you’re not doing enough if you don’t have an aesthetic workspace. We can always make an effort to beautify the space we spend most of our time in, but there is no pressure to make our life match our Pinterest inspiration boards. 

Even just a simple designated spot, with everything you could need to do your work, is good enough. 

Image Courtesy: Kanika Belsare

The Ultimate Work-From-Home Space Of Our Dreams

If you’re somebody who can work from your bed productively, without intermittently falling asleep, it’s the ultimate dream workspace. 

At the end of the day, whatever helps you not only work efficiently and productively, but also helps you stay happy during these stressful times, is what you should include in the space you spend such a large percentage of your day in. 

Working from home is itself a privilege right now, as is having a space you can dedicate to yourself and your work. 

Keeping that in mind, surround yourself with positivity and love, so you can put the same out into the world – it needs it more than ever.

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