Monochrome fashion: How to nail this super-chic sartorial trend

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Monochrome fashion: How to nail this super-chic sartorial trend

When it comes to fashion, even the best minds are of the opinion that less is more. To make a statement, one must keep it simple. Trends may come and go, but what continues to make a statement is the classic monochrome outfit. It’s simple, elegant, and can make a statement like no other. Of late, we’ve been seeing celebrities sporting chic and fun monochrome outfits, and we get the hint: this fashion trend can never grow old.

But what is monochrome fashion? How can you incorporate the monochrome dress code into your work wardrobe? We’ve got you covered.

Monochrome outfit meaning

Simply put, a monochromatic outfit is a set of clothes that are of the same colour. For example, if you want to wear a t-shirt and jeans, a monochromatic outfit would mean sporting a black t-shirt with a pair of black jeans, or a blue t-shirt with blue jeans.

Wearing the same colour from top to bottom is the genesis of the monochromatic dressing style.

A monochromatic outfit can make you look put together and chic. It’s a particularly good option for office-going women, as a monochrome outfit can come across as super professional. Once you get it right, there’s no going back!

Tips to wear and style monochrome outfits to work

The key to getting monochrome fashion right is to learn what works for you and how to style your outfit correctly. Whether it’s for that important board meeting or a casual Friday, a good monochromatic look will up your confidence factor and make heads turn. Here are some tips on how to incorporate the monochrome dress code into your work wardrobe.

1. Pick colours you’re comfortable with

You don’t need to go editorial right at the start! The key to nailing any fashion trend, including the monochrome dressing style, is to wear what you’re comfortable with. Start with an ever-flattering black outfit. Once you’re comfortable carrying that off, slowly switch to more sober, pastel colours such as lavender or tan.

Monochrome outfits look particularly good in muted tones. But don’t let that stop you; wear the colours you love.

2. Experiment with materials and textures

Wearing cotton on cotton is a good call, but monochrome fashion is all about playing with texture.

Consider wearing a ruffled tulle skirt with a velvet crop top or a sequin bralette with a comfy pair of trousers.

The nature of the material you adorn can drastically transform your final look.

3. Know your pairings

If black is the colour you’re going for, why not try a black formal shirt with a grey pencil skirt? If purple is your colour of choice, go for a lavender and mauve pairing.

You can choose to wear contrasting hues in the same colour and still nail your monochrome outfit.

You can either pair light colours with darker ones, or jewel toned ones.

4. Layer your outfit

A beautiful turtleneck would look even better when paired with an overcoat. Know what works for your body and don’t be afraid to use layers to add character to your monochromatic outfit. It doesn’t have to be plain, even if it’s for work!

5. Add a pop of pattern to break the monotony

Don’t be afraid to elevate your outfit with a funky clutch, a great pair of contrasting shoes, or a shockingly bright pair of socks underneath. A well put-together outfit is a healthy mix of colours and patterns.

6. Play with accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories, so go crazy! You can go the minimalist way and choose fine, simple jewellery to adorn your neck, ears, and hands, or you could choose one show-stopping accessory that brings your outfit together. Experiment away!

And that’s it! Monochrome fashion is the next big trend that has swept Bollywood away, and now is your time to incorporate this trend into your work wardrobe. Go forth and shop!

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