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It's raining choices: Women's workwear looks for monsoon

. 4 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
It's raining choices: Women's workwear looks for monsoon

The skies are turning colours, the roads are filling up with puddles, and little kids are packing an umbrella in their backpack to school – monsoon is officially here! Whether you’re team ‘I love rains’ or team ‘Ugh, rains!’, monsoon is here to stay. So why not make the best of it?

With the changing season, you have got to keep your office style updated. You can’t pass off your monochrome saree as a business casual during the monsoon season. This is the time for cutesy dresses and ankle-length pants. If you’re not sure how to revamp your office wear this season, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our take on monsoon women’s workwear, and don’t let the rain dampen your spirits. The fashionista in you has got to shine, even when the sun doesn’t.

Monsoon means redefined office wear for women

1. Hold on to the skirts

You don’t want your favourite office wear saree to end up becoming a hotspot of mud and germs, do you? Then ditch the saree and opt for something shorter. If you like dressing up in smart casuals, go for jumpsuits or sleek dresses in bright colours. Shorts and skirts are a big yes this season, but the skinny denims might be here to stay as well. You want to avoid anything that goes beyond your ankles, or has a wide hem to prevent it from getting stained.

2. Fabric fuss

Since monsoon means higher humidity, you might want to stop wearing clothes that cling to the body. Monsoon can also mean higher chances of infections and rashes, so opt for something airy that dries quickly. Cotton is a great fabric to use during this time. Most of the ladies’ formal office wear shirts are cotton. If you want to opt for something that is less formal and more business casual, go for georgette blouses or linen shirts.

3. Don’t dread the dark

No doubt that monsoons put a damper on the whole sunny vibe of the summer. Everything becomes a little dull, so a lot of fashion advice entails not wearing dark colours. While we agree, we found a loophole. It’s best to swap out the basic blues and gruesome greys for some vibrant colours. But if you have your heart set on your black pants, add a splash of colour with your blouses or scarves. Go for colours that build a striking contrast, like hot pink with black or teal with grey.

4. Feast on florals

Monsoon means mud splatters and water stains on everything. If you’re dreading sacrificing your pastel pants to the rainy menace, opt out to prints. You can go for anything from polka dots to abstract designs, warli art to stripes and checks. But if you really want to brighten up your solemn monsoon mornings, pick out florals.

Reminder: Be careful if you’re wearing print-on-print; we don’t want to end up with a fashion faux pas.

5. The accessory allure

From smart casuals to business formals, women’s workwear is more than just about the clothes – it’s also about picking the right bag, donning the best shoes, and balancing it all with just the right amount of accessories. If you like wearing statement jewellery pieces with your office wear, make sure they’re waterproof and anti-tarnish. If your jewellery is not hypoallergenic, it can get discoloured on your skin and cause reactions. Hair bands and scarves are other great ways to amp up your boring outfit.

6. Braids and buns

If you’re still wearing your hair down during the monsoon, tie it up! While we’re all for a good blow dry that leaves your hair all fluffy, or those soft curls you got at the salon, monsoon might not be the best time for that. The sticky weather can make your hair frizzy and unruly. You can go for a low bun or a side braid instead. Half up-half down hairstyles are an absolute hit if you add some fun bows to it. But remember, your bow cannot be bigger than your head.

7. Backpack to work

Dying to flaunt that new luxe bag you spent your three months’ salary on? Hold on to that thought and hear us out. Leather bags need utmost care and maintenance during the rainy season. The humidity can wreak havoc on the material, and water stains will never leave you. So, swap it out for a fabric cross-body bag or a backpack. Backpacks are the ideal choice if chic and effortless office wear for women is on your search list.

8. Sand ‘em sandals

Mama taught us better than to wear out leather shoes in the rainy season. Thinking of donning those suede loafers to work? Let us stop you right there. Monsoon is the season to wear sandals with rubber soles. Since we cannot wear flip-flops to office, you can opt for ballerinas or flats like thong sandals. Don’t try wearing heels to work; you don’t want to trip over your butt. If you’re a stickler for shoes, try and look for waterproof socks to prevent infections.

While monsoon is all about having fun, fanning out the right office wear for women can become a little complicated. The key to acing your office style is keeping it simple, personal, and effortless. Don’t go shopping every time the season changes, stock up on the essentials and recycle them year round. Looking good is not about what you wear, but who you choose to be. And we are queens, ladies!

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